Ultra Electronics, Precision Air & Land Systems was formed though the merger of both Ultra Electronics, Precision Air Systems and Ultra Electronics, Electrics. The merger has provided the new organisation with a unique ability to increase and improve its efficiencies and qualities within a wider geographical remit. 

Customers will experience an increased level of service along with dealing with an organisation which is becoming a leader within its industry sectors. Specialising in Air, Land and support systems, Ultra is dedicated to the customer in delivering products that are the pinnacle of their class.

History of Ultra Electronics, Precision Air Systems

Ultra Electronics, Precision Air Systems, was the leading manufacturer of compact on-board gas solutions, including compact gas compressors called HiPPAGTM for the defence industry worldwide. Applications include cryogenic cooling systems, stores ejection and release systems, and pneumatic systems.

History of Ultra Electronics, Electrics

Ultra Electronics, Electrics had over 40 years' expertise in the design, development and support of systems and equipment operating in the harshest environments. From fighter pilot to tank commander, Electrics’ products are in service on many of the world’s most prestigious aircraft and vehicle platforms.