Local situational awareness systems

Ultra provides a range of inboard and outboard lights and lighting systems custom designed and built for rugged military application. From road legal carriage lights to integrated emergency lighting, our products have been proven in the field and adhere to the strict environmental and safety regulations.

Crew protection is at the core of modern day vehicle requirements whereby it is common practice to enable the operator to perform tasks from within the security of the platform. Key to this is a Local Situational Awareness System which provides in-vehicle crew members vital information as to their surroundings. Ultra's modular LSAS systems can be configured to meet a range of performance and budgetary requirements drawing from a portfolio of camera, display, video processing and control products.

Key information

  • Thermal, low light, daylight and combined sensor options
  • Quantity of sensors and displays tailored to the requirement
  • Guaranteed delay characteristics from sensor to display
  • PAL video
  • Image processing
  • Video recorder options 
  • CAN control
  • Available with integrated HMI


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