mGO portable therapeutic oxygen system

The mGO portable oxygen concentrator system delivers supplementary oxygen to support casualties and patients. mGO delivers oxygen 24/7 at the point-of-need, eliminating the need for cumbersome cylinder-based alternatives. The unit is designed to function in the harsh environments found in forward and remote areas of deployment.

mGO is ideal for military users and agencies engaged in humanitarian and relief operations. mGO is specifically designed for the military user where performance, reliability, lightweight, ease of use and low maintenance are critical.


  • Never needs refilling– produces oxygen 24/7
  • Easy to store– small package size and low mass
  • Simple to operate– alarm and pulse-dose delivery
  • Flexible– AC/DC mains or battery operation
  • Ease of training and maintenance
  • Designed for use worldwide
  • 3 SLM continuous flow 6 SLM pulse dose option
  • Compatible with military vehicle carriage and use