Aircraft on Ground (AOG)

Ultra recognises that an aircraft's value is only realised in the air. As such, Ultra is pleased to offer it's customers a worldwide AOG material, and AOG technical support service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Throughout the year, Ultra receives AOG calls and orders during “normal office hours” as well as “out of office” hours.These orders are handled in accordance with procedures which have been established in accordance with the World Airline Supplier Guide. 

The AOG Duty Manager: 

  • Has access to Ultra’s worldwide Support Centre network with headquarters in the UK 
  • Is supported by the Ultra Support Centre network and can reprioritise customer orders to meet an AOG / Critical order requirements and handle logistic requirements such as picking, packing and shipping.
  • Is able to respond quickly and effectively to any worldwide AOG requirement.
  • Will be able to provide a timely response to a technical query or arrange detailed technical assistance from first contact through to final resolution.

Key Information

  • AOG Services include 24/7 material and technical support
  • AOG material service requires the prior purchase of recommendationed IP spares quantities
  • Ultra has approved Support Centres with AOG stock held in regions when required
  • AOG material orders are acknowledged, advised and shipped in 4 hours from receipt
  • Providing complete and timely technical assistance, from first contact through final resolution
  • AOG Services are made available subject to the customer entering into a prior agreement with Ultra


For more information, please contact:

AOG Duty Manager

Ultra Electronics
Arle Court
Hartheley Lane
GL51 6PN

Tel: +44 (0)1903 705747